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Vehicle BMS - All-in-one DKX967-42T15+2
Vehicle BMS - All-in-one DKX967-42T15+2

Vehicle BMS - All-in-one DKX967- 42T15

Monitor and indicate the battery/capacitor status,voltage, temperature, current, remaining energy, send an alarm signal to the user under abnormal conditions, cut off the power transmission link according to the control strategy to protect the battery and prolong the battery life, energy balance, Ensure that the remaining energy of the battery tends to be consistent and extend the discharge time
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1. Function introduction

1. Battery cell voltage detection

2. Battery temperature detection

3. Energy balance

4. Thermal management

5. CAN communication

6. Output control

7. Switch signal detection

8. Current detection

9. Total pressure detection

10. Insulation detection

11. SOC calculation

12. Charge and discharge warning and output protection

13. PWM detection and output

2. Technical parameters



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Vehicle BMS - All-in-one DKX967- 42T15
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