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Power PACK - Square ternary lithium battery
Power PACK - Square ternary lithium battery

Power PACK - Square ternary lithium battery

Good safety performance, good adaptability, intelligent management, long service life, environmental protection, exclusive customization
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1. Product features:

High safety performance: high-precision explosion-proof valve and short-circuit proof cover, good safety

Good adaptability: low battery internal resistance, excellent rate performance, small temperature rise, good environmental adaptability

Intelligent management: intelligent factory design, battery life cycle management, high consistency of performance

Long service life: long cycle life

Environmental protection: the product meets the requirements of GB, UN and ROHS

2. Application scope:

This product is widely used in 48V systems of pure electric vehicles (BEV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), and micro-hybrid passenger vehicles

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Power PACK - Square ternary lithium battery
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