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BMS scheme for pure electric sedan  (40S)
BMS scheme for pure electric sedan  (40S)

BMS Solution for pure electric sedan (40S)

18650 ternary battery, battery capacity: 200AH, battery number: 40S, battery voltage: 148V, battery box: 1
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BMS pure electric car solution (the 40S)

1. Battery specifications:

Ternary battery 18650 (Tianneng), battery capacity: 200AH, number of battery strings: 40S, battery voltage: 148V, number of battery boxes: 1

2. BMS specification

1. BMS supply voltage: 12V

2. Central control module: DK901×1

3. Terminal module: DX905-10T12×4

4. Current sensor: 200A×1

5. Display module: on-board computer × 1

6. GPRS communication module: GM901×1

3. Electrical schematic diagram of the system

4. Product pictures

Aoxin's car customizes the vehicle information processing system, sets up navigation, positioning, data collection, and processing systems, develops a dual -gas sac system, and meets European standards, US standards, and the latest domestic standards. With low consumption, a long range of charging, high-cost performance, and a system version of different battery life; the technical level of the vehicle has reached the world's advanced level.


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BMS Solution for pure electric sedan (40S)
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