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24V Lithium starter battery
24V Lithium starter battery

24V Starting and parking Lithium battery QD24V255A-B-J-BT

Starting and parking integrated battery; for heavy trucks; safety: over-current protection, over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection; longevity: five-year warranty, lithium iron phosphate deep cycle life 2,000 times, intelligent current flow rate management; intelligent temperature control. intelligent charging and discharging management; intelligent power distribution management.
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1. Function Introduction

1 Charging and discharge protection is directional: only the charge is prohibited when the overcharge protection is prohibited, and the discharge is not affected.

2 The system has protection functions such as over-charging, overlapping, over temperature, overcurrent, short circuit, and other protection functions

3 The system has a low-temperature self-heating function, which can also protect the safe use of the cell in a low-temperature environment;

4 The system has a power-saving and dormant function. After detecting no load and reaching a certain period, enter the power saving and dormant.

5 The system has reserved power functions for an emergency startup;

6 The system has a Bluetooth connection function. You can view the battery system status (SOC, charge and discharge Total voltage, single voltage, battery temperature, chili temperature, failure status, etc.); when feedback can be used to start the vehicle by emergency power on the APP;

7 Set the LED light source button on the upper cover to display the power and battery status, and at the same time for an emergency startup;

8 The system has CAN communication functions.

2. Technical parameters


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24V Starting and parking Lithium battery QD24V255A-B-J-BT
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