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Company profile  

Mewyeah Technology Co., Ltd, was founded in 2007, 16 years of development history. It’s rated as a high-tech enterprise, a leading talent enterprise, and a dual innovation enterprise by the government. Specialized in energy storage BMS, starting lithium batteries, new energy vehicle BMS and CAN bus, the products are used in transportation, electric power, dashboard, scientific research, and other industries. Mewyeah has successfully obtained more than 40 patents and installed more than 400,000 sets of household energy storage overseas. 

Research and Development Strength

More than 6 North American automotive electronics experts and Ph.D. supervisors at Tsinghua University

15 years of research in the latest battery safety management technology

More than 40 National software publications, invention patents, and utility model patents

Investing more than 10% of sales revenue in research and development each year

Over 45% of employees work in technical jobs

Development course

2007: Founded in Shanghai, Mewyeah became a manufacturer of developing and selling products of CAN bus dashboards and body control systems, successfully developing primary bus dashboards.

2008: Mewyeah successfully developed the full vehicle bus type I and obtained a computer software copyright registration certificate and CE certification.

2009: We ventured into the new energy field and started to independently develop the first generation of the battery management system of Mewyeah, achieving TS16949 certification.

2010: We launched a simplified version of the full vehicle bus type II, facilitating dashboard and module integration, optimizing resources, and reducing costs for all parts. Trial installation of BMS was successful and bulk deliveries began. The bus-related products won the Technology Innovation Award.

2011: We independently developed vehicle computers, remote communication, and bridge modules. Mewyeah cooperated with Nanjing University of Science and Technology to participate in the national 863 plan and entered the mass production stage in the new energy field. The high-end color screen dashboard was launched.

2012: The second generation of BMS of Mewyeah was launched and successfully matched in various manufacturers. The BMS started being sold overseas and cooperated with several foreign companies. The high-end car dashboard was successfully launched and the first generation of BMS for communication backup power supply was developed.

2013: We developed TAPS, a GPS communication module.

2014: High-end simplified bus was successfully applied in new energy-electric vehicles. The communication backup power BMS expanded its market share with excellent cost-effectiveness. We kept promoting the global market and signed strategic cooperation plans with foreign enterprises.

2015: We developed the third generation of BMS with active and passive balance. We maintained in-depth cooperation with domestic mainstream battery manufacturers and mainframe manufacturers.

2016: Suzhou Mewyeah was officially in production operation. We developed 3CUP BMS products, which can be matched with VW E-Delivery series and more than 200 models.

2017: The angel round investment was introduced and the Automotive Electronics Research Institute was established. We obtained high-tech enterprise certification.

2018: Mewyeah was awarded as a dual innovation enterprise in Jiangsu Province. The fourth generation of BMS was developed.

2019: Mewyeah opened the era of intelligent lithium power supply for parking air conditioners in China.

2020: We entered the household and commercial energy storage markets. The remarkable achievement was achieved and a high-level recognition was gained from our customers.

BMS production workshop

Starting batteries production workshop

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